1. :)

    At some point, rescue comes to you.
    It just shows up and you do nothing. Maybe you deserve it, maybe you don’t. But be ready when it comes, to decide if you will take the outstretched hand and let it pull you ashore.


  2. Es tut mir leid, doch ich halts nicht mehr aus hier.
    Ich hab dir gegeben was geht, doch wir kommen einfach nicht weiter.

    Das war es, hier endet der Weg.
    as ist der Punkt, an dem alles gesagt ist und wir uns trotzdem nicht verstehen.

    Hey, du bist durch nichts zu ersetzen, doch unsere Stunden sind gezählt.
    Ich hab gesucht, doch es gibt keine Lösung.

    Du wirst mir fehlen, aber glaub mir es bringt nichts, einen trockenen Schwamm weiter auszuwringen.
    Ich hab alles versucht, meine Energie ist verbraucht, m
    ehr hol ich nicht aus mir raus.

    Ich hab alles versucht, was in meiner Macht stand..
    och es war nie genug.


  3. I mean.. I hope you’re happy.

    But the sky is still the sky without you,
    and I’m not surprised by that anymore.


  4. I think of how it felt to lose him, slow and painful and confusing.
    And now I start to wonder if I ever really had him at all..


  5. What if we could put our lives on hold and meet somewhere inside of the world?

    On a park bench, on a skyscrape, on a mountain. Oh yeah, whatever it takes: I would meet you.

    Would you meet me?

    [Blue October.]


  6. And as it falls down into the night we run away.
    Once again divided.

    And here I stand.
    I’m too close, but still you’re far away.
    You never tried, but I did.
    And we still remain divided.

    I never found the line between the real and pretend.
    I know I should accept it, this is really the end.

    So I will lay down my heart.
    I will let you go.
    That’s what’s best for us all.

    [Blue October.]


  7. Somewhere inside I think I should be doing the opposite, I should be trying to let go of him,
    so when the end comes the blow won’t be as hard.

    But how do you do that?


  8. Holding on..

    ..It’s like swimming against the current: it exhausts you.
    After a while, whoever you are, you just have to let go and the river brings you home.